Who is this person?

Thank you Cottonbro from Pexels

Dreams as rehearsals for reality.

Thank you to Karolina Grabowska for this photo through Pexels.

The phenomenon of denying the undeniable intrigued me.

Thank you Anete Lusina, photo from Pexels

Thank you to Jonatas Domingo from Unsplash

According to him, I am a sex addict.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Unsplash

Maybe it took 5 minutes, maybe 10. It was hard to tell.

Photo by Bill Oxford from Unsplash

I remember the moment my ex-husband introduced me to his mistress.

Photo by Cristian Newman from Unsplash

Photo by Clayton Robbins from Unsplash

He thought I was afraid of being alone.

Photo by William Olivieri from Unsplash

Autophobia is the fear of being alone.

Photo from Ekrulila from Pexels
  • Being unloved or unwanted
  • Developing an acute medical issue
  • Unexpected or unexplained noises

Poppy Nagano

Researcher, cat mom, heirloom vegetable obsessed gardener.

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